Dead or alive?

Does introduction of Final Cut Pro X mean that Apple is dead for professional video editing?

More dead than alive
Remains to be seen.
It is still kicking
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Avid Forum is a free resource for Avid professionals and those who inspire to become one. The fast-developing world of digital video editing has become more user-friendly but yet very demanding to keep up with the technology.

Nowadays, few regard editing in its traditional sense of storytelling. There is a whole lot to it. From acquisition to delivery, editors and supporting technical personnel have to be versed in many adjacent fields. It is our hope that Avid Forum becomes a valued resource in pursuit of individual professional growth.

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As it has been previously stated, Avid Forum is a Web site "of the users, by the users, for the users" to borrow the phrase. How much it will be 'for' remains to be seen, but it is ready for the 'by' and 'of' parts.

Setting up a Web site, even a fairly sophisticated and technologically advanced, is only half the job. The content is the king, to borrow yet another wisdom, and I can not envisage doing it all by myself. In best case scenario such content would only reflect my own perspective of the industry, which may or may not be adequate for a greater audience.

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The new version of Media Composer - 3.5 - is out, which means end of development for the 3.1.x line. This is significant in one little aspect.

Back in v. 3.1 I noticed something that was really hard to miss: if there was a FireWire deck connected to the computer, you'd get a C++ Runtime error right after you quit the application. it read: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Runtime Error! Program: ...ramFiles\Avid\Avid Media Composer\AvidMediaComposer.exe. R6025. - pure vertual function call" OK.

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